Koh Ngai
Ullas hemsida


This is China Town, the old town of the Chinese by the river. The streets are narrow and crowded. It´s almost impossible to move foward by foot. It´s a miracle that cars and motorbikes can get anywhere with their merchandise.

In the outskirts of Chinatown we stumble upon the temple Wat Traimit where the great Buddha statue of gold sits. Is it really made of solid gold? We decide that it is not, but back home in Sweden I read about it in a newspaper and find out that it is.

The Golden Buddha
is the biggest Buddha statue in the world made of solid gold. It´s three meters high and weighs five tons and a half.
It was by accident discovered that it is made of gold. In the 16th century, when the thai city of Ayutia was invaded by enemies, the king had a shell of plaster made around the statue to cover the gold. When the statue was moved in 1957 it fell to the ground and the valuable content was discovered.

A sightseeingtrip by boat on the "khlongs" (canals) in Bangkok is a very interesting way to spend a day.

Much of the everyday-life takes place on the canals. You swim in the water, wash the dishes and your laundry in it, and sometimes a salesman comes along with what he has to sell.

It´s fascinating with all the shops out in the streets.

One of Bangkok´s many temples seen from the water.